Garrettcom Switches selected for Rugged 360 Degree Mobile Video Surveillance System

Industrial Ethernet switches from GarrettCom Europe have been selected to network the ruggedized mobile video surveillance systems, produced by DOO Technologies – specialists in real time, total capture 360 degree video provided to Defence, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Commercial markets.

The surveillance vehicles can be configured with short, medium and long range PTZ camera systems with both day and night mode, each of the camera systems can be operated and viewed independently by operators within the vehicle using its multifunctional display and control systems. Real time video communication from vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to command can be transmitted using multiple transmission protocols such as Microwave, Satellite, 3G, WIMAX, and WIFI delivering the unique 360 degree video.

The video can then be remotely viewed and navigated by individual operators and integrated with data and maps to create superior visual intelligence and saving crucial time in critical decision making situations. GarrettCom's compact and rugged PES42P switches were chosen for networking the cameras within the vehicle, with each switch providing four fixed copper ports for PoE - eliminating the need for cabling back to a central power source and a remaining two ports, user configured as either two 100Mb fibre ports, one fibre and one copper port, or two copper ports.

Stephane Jacob, Technical Director of Dubai based, Doo Technologies commented "GarrettCom's PES42P switches were chosen as they are the only switches available in the market which work in desert environments with very high temperatures. The vehicle is equipped with seven IP cameras, which are all connected to the two PES42P switches via PoE, this really simplified the installation".

GarrettCom Europe's Marketing Communications Manager, John Ward commented "The PES42P is a low cost, compact, unmanaged PoE switch, perfect for connectivity of clusters of PoE enabled IP cameras in industrial environments, with an operating temperature of -40° to 75°C, it is a great fit for the networking requirements of this application." Mixed media devices such as the PES42P which combine the copper and fibre connectivity - enabling transmission of high-bandwidth video data over long distances, offers a cost effective solution for a variety of industrial grade applications.

GarrettCom pioneered mixed-media modular Ethernet products in 1993, and was the first company to offer the convenience of PoE ports integrated in industrial-grade switches – both managed and unmanaged. The surveillance system from Doo Technologies has been designed to explore multiple avenues to fulfil situational awareness using state of the art 360 video technologies. From the power management to the human interface, all the components have been tested in situ and successfully passed all of tests in the harsh environment of the Middle East.

The camera system is an affordable, robust and highly reliable integrated vehicle video solution that can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

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