DOO Technologies, founded in 2007, is a Dubai-based free zone company specializing in software creation for the security field. Known as a precursor in innovative technology using 360° video software, Doo technologies provides licensing, consulting services, prototyping and product design of 360° Video solutions.

Thanks to many in-house software development, Doo Technologies provides to its customers a unique tailored solution based on strong requirements and reliable expertise.

Doo Technologies has the experience and reputation to handle every challenge and aims to improve its relationships with its customers by providing, easy-to-use but powerful and innovative tools for the security field.

Doo Technologies holds four patents in the system for processing of images, all of which are recognized internationally.

"I always believed that a genuine invention must be easy-to-use, playful and impact the present."
Stephane Jacob, Co-Founder & Head of the Technical Department"
Patent Portfolio


1996: The Inception

Personally involved in the 360° Imaging field since 1996, we went through the whole 360° revolution that started earlier with Quicktime VR, Photobubble from Omniview (which became iPIX afterwards), Photovista, Smoothmove…

We were present at the inception of 360° video in 2001 when iPIX released the first prototype ever that was able to capture a full 360 x 360 field of view.

DOO Technologies now specializes in real time total capture 360° video by providing software solutions and hardware customization.


GIE Intra/ Nuclear Power Plant [Civaux, France]

DOO Technologies Nuclear Power Plant
Purpose: To deliver a complete multimedia documentation data base for both First Responder operations and general maintenance.
  • Technology used:
    • 360 Still Images used with VRML 3D engine
    • GIS
    • 3D Measurement
  • The output is a complete interactive system integrating 360 still images and textual documentations linked with Electricité de France intranet, to handle all the maintenance aspect on the cooling system of the plant. The content was used as First Responder content for the Nuclear Responder Unit GIE INTRA and used by the First Responder Unit to control the robot during emergency events [such as nuclear incident] to assist the pilot. [4 missions].
  • GIE Intra/ Nuclear Power Plant [Civaux, France]
  • CEA [Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France] Survey of Nuclear Sites [Waste Treatment, Enrichment] for both Civil and Military. Locations include Cadarache, Saclay, Grenoble, Marcoule, Cesta. [8 missions].
  • ESA, Guiana Space Center [European Space Agency, Europe, South America] Security survey using 360 panoramic technologies regarding the assembly and launch center for the Ariane 5 Rocket and several satellites. [3 missions].

  • DOO Technologies Novescape

  • Novespace, CNES [Centre National d 'Etudes Spatial, France] Design and implementation of the first 360 video camera in use in the A300 ZeroGravity flight for Experience supervision.

  • DOO Technologies Novescape


DOO Technologies Our Vision

It is our mission to design and deliver the highest quality 360 degree video camera solutions to our customers through using the latest in optical and software technology whilst providing complete traceability.
  • 25 years experience in Advanced Optical Image Processing
  • 25 years experience in Camera Systems and Image Capture
  • 20 years experience in Aviation Engineering
  • Doo Technologies Patent Portfolio is composed with Encryption, Encoding, Decoding and Streaming Technology - All granted
  • 15 years of intensive effort in providing the next generation of tamperproof technology using 360 degrees.


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DOO Technologies Red Solutions


All of the below publications and patents find application in homeland security and military applications.
The patents are either already granted or in the process of being granted and are recognized in most countries.


US 20110038408 A1 (Code Name: Lasagna)

Multiple image streams may be acquired from different sources.

The color depth of the images is first reduced and the streams are then combined to form a single stream having a known format and bit depth equal to the sum of the bit depths of the reduced bit streams.

Thus, the multiple streams may be processed as a single stream. After processing, the streams are separated again by applying a reverse reordering process.


US 20100189252 A1 (Code Name: Tetris)

Very high definition (XHD) video is acquired from a camera fitted with an ultra-wide field-of-view lens such as a fish eye lens.

The active picture portion of the images is divided into patterns each having a plurality of pixels. The patterns are assigned coordinate values and then reformatted into HD format using an encryption key which reorders the patterns by mapping them to blocks in the HD format.

The images are processed in the HD format and then returned to XHD formation by applying the reverse reordering process under the control of the key

The two publications were not pursued to the patent level. It was recognized that it would be too difficult to protect it considering the amount of competing prior art existing in the field. These documents are still published, and are cited by other patents and applications.


WO 2009109804 A1 (Code Name: Tiramisu)

A stream of images is acquired from a computer generated source or elsewhere.

Elements of the images are assigned to different layers on a frame by frame basis and layering data is held in an associated alpha channel.

The layers are then rendered and texture mapped onto a respective one of a plurality of meshes. A portion of the mapped data is selected by a virtual camera which is controlled by a user to move around and through the meshes.

The selected data comprises data from one or more of the meshes and is displayed to a user.


WO 2009068942 A1 (Code Name: TeaSpoon)

A stream of images is either computer generated or acquired from a camera and fish eye lens assembly.

The image data is then texture mapped onto a 3D mesh and a portion of the mapped data is selected under the control of pan, tilt and zoom functions which define the parameters of a virtual camera within the mesh.

The selected data is then converted back into 2D data and displayed.


DOO Technologies Our Codes NAICS

NAICS: 541512, 541513, 541690
DUNS: 557936735
CAGE Code: SUN21
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