360-degree solutions revolve around one simple principle - complete situational awareness.

In many sectors, it is of paramount importance to know exactly what is happening around an area at all times. Accomplishing this with hundreds of cameras is no longer necessary (and can still produce blind spots).

That's where Doo Technologies comes in, we provide complete situational awareness through the use of 360° cameras and video systems. This gives our clients the ability to perceive, analyze and react to anything that is going on, no matter the angle it's coming from, in that moment or later during analytics.

With absolutely no moving parts, all the systems we develop are using a combination of two cameras back to back, equipped with ultra-wide angle lenses. Depending on the configuration, the lenses FOV goes from 180° to 220° - resulting in an actual 360° film capture.


DOO Technologies Research & Development

"Prioritising research and development for software and camera system integration."

Doo Technologies focuses its resources on the design and development of software in optical technology and video transmission. A significant amount of time has been contributed to Research and Development for software and camera system integration.

The company provides a scalable technology with either a complete end-to-end solution or by contributing to an already existing technology. This makes the camera easily compatible with other cameras such as 180° cameras or PTZ cameras.

Areas of Expertise

  • Licensing (software with two granted family patents)
  • Consultancy and Professional Services
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Engineering of 360 Degree Cameras
  • Consultancy and Professionals Services
  • Systems Integration & Software Development
  • Systems Installation / Support & Maintenance
  • Software Integration with VMS using ONVIF


DOO Technologies System Design

Our team of engineers will define the best architecture, interfaces, modules and components for the desired system to satisfy with the customer requirements.

Following the ISO 9001 standardization in all of our procedures, our preferred approach will be the RAD [Rapid Application Design] methodology in which we will develop a prototype [software and hardware] for the end user.


DOO Technologies Prototyping

This was the first 360 camera concept designed by Doo Technologies.

The main goal was to be able to reduce the space between the two sensors and cameras when using existing equipments such as DV Cam/ HD Cam.

The central system, similar to existing periscopes used in submarines, allows a 90 degree angle reflection to the image.

The benefit of this equipment is to reduce the potential parallax effect due to the space between the two optical plans.

The cameras were standard DV Cams in a first attempt, and then were more recently replaced by JVC Everio HD Camera with lenses adapted with Nikon FCE9 optical adaptors.
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DOO Technologies Dual Lens Camera DOO Technologies Dual Lens Camera

Based on the LRS experience, Doo Technologies has designed a dual lens system, fixable on HD Camera using PL54 Ring Adaptor. The lenses were specially engineered to capture 220 degrees of FOV each.


DOO Technologies Firewire Prototype

This prototype was engineered to prove that the firewire interface was providing better control with video than IP cameras. The video stream comes as RAW format, which drastically reduces the latency between the sensor and the processing.


DOO Technologies 360 Hammer Cam

The 360 HammerCam is the first Dual IP Camera Doo Technologies designed back in 2007.

The camera units are standard IQEye 511 Day/Night 1.3MP Sensor Cameras, equipped with Robotic fisheye lenses.

The housing is IP68. This prototype was a great advancement as it helped to develop the real time video processing required to sync multiple incoming video streams to generate a complete 360 video sphere.
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