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Xstream Generator Suite

Is a brand new software suite designed by Doo Technologies to stress test your entire CCTV installation. This innovative software annihilates all doubts during integration regarding the bandwidth, quality, quantity, storage and longevity. The Xstream Generator Suite is a pledge of confidence for any actors in the quality assessment chain.

Among all the criteria impacting an IP CCTV system value, the storage capability (read & write) and total network bandwidth are particularly significant. Without strong components, your entire system won't function. In this context, the XsG becomes your strongest ally, verifying the information you provide to your client during every step of the CCTV project.

With XsG, you will be able to create and stream camera video samples, test and visualise multiple settings, qualities and possibilities to determine the best option for your future or existing system.

Xs Generator: Targeting every single actor in the integration chain.

Every actor in the CCTV industry can find a great benefit by using the Xs Generator.

DOO Technologies X Stream Suite For Who ?

Here are some common situations in the CCTV world where the XsG will really help you out.

My actual CCTV installation connects 64 cameras. Will my
current system be able to handle 20 more ?

Thanks to the XsG, you'll be able to virtually add 20 more cameras and figure out if your VMS either handle them or not as well as your network.

Form your current installation, you create a sample that you duplicate 20 times and stream them through the current network. 20? 100? 200? 1000? No matter the amount of camera you'd like to add, only your hardware will matter.

Are my calculations right ?

The XsG verify either your calculations (bandwidth, number of cameras per server, resolution) will work out or not. You'll also be able to configure your bandwidth load balance without having any physical camera on site.

I want to train my CCTV engineers with my VMS, but I only
have a few cameras available. How can I do ?

The XsG will create for you a large amount of samples with multiple adjustments from only 1 camera. Your trainees will be capable of virtually configuring and troubleshooting a CCTV system as well as managing the bandwidth load balance without specific material.

VMS Compatibility

The XsG is fully ONVIF Compliant, and has been successfully tested on several VMS market leader.
  • Milestone (Xprotect Go/Essential/Express/Professional/Enterprise/Expert/Corporate)
  • Aimetis (Symphony)
We welcome all the VMS providers to contact us to make our tool fully compatible with their system.

For further information contact us via

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The XSGenerator is now available for a 30 days
period evaluation.

DOO Technologies X Stream Generator


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