XStream Generator Suite

Camera Virtualization

is the only Software tool in the CCTV world that allows to stress test for real your entire CCTV system! This innovative software annihilates all doubts during design, integration and test stages regarding the bandwidth, quality, quantity, storage and longevity.

What is Hardware Virtualization?

This technique is nowadays commonly used in Cloud computing and server virtualization, but never before it was used for Camera Virtualization… And for what reason?

With XsG, you will be able to create and stream camera video samples, test and visualize multiple settings and system behavior to determine the best option for your future or existing system.

Big Value for the Money?

How much would it cost you using any ONVIF Camera Manufacturer to create a complete setup of at least 250 IP cameras? Let’s say 2 Mega Pixels each? Just for 2 weeks testing? With XsG Basic, it will cost only 800 USD.

VMS Compatibility

The Xstream Generator Suite is now supporting more VMS for Camera Virtualization which are ONVIF Profile S Compliant, thanks to our partners in the industry providing testing and reporting feedbacks