XStream Generator Wizard


Is used to simulate Virtual IP cameras to behave like a surveillance system sending video streams through the network to the VMS (Video Management System).

Tests a network with a number of 8 virtual IP cameras and visualizes the performance in real-time.

User is able to view graphs and statistics about the network before proceeding with a CCTV installation.

Software Features

Simulate virtual cameras with ONVIF Profile-S standard

Add up to 8 virtual cameras

Easy step by step process to create virtual cameras

Sample file as video channel

Stream virtual cameras on a selected network adapter

MJPEG, MPEG4 and H264 Formats

Runtime Statistics

Bandwidth Graph

Displays Storage Etimation

XsG Viewer

XsG Connectivity

VMS Compatibility

The Xstream Generator Suite is now supporting more VMS for Camera Virtualization which are ONVIF Profile S Compliant, thanks to our partners in the industry providing testing and reporting feedbacks

Hardware Requirements

Windows 7 ( x86 )

i5 Processor


1 Gigabit Network