Software Development

With a team of engineers located in UAE, France and UK, we have the ability to design and develop software applications mainly relative to the security industry.

From an initial concept to a final product, we go through the entire process to deliver under customer requirements.

Depending on the timeframe involved, our software development infrastructure supports both methodologies: Waterfall and Agile for Rapid Application Development.


Depending on the scale and emergency of the project our Engineer team can apply both methodologies:

  • SDLC
  • Agile [Rapid Application Development]


Embedded Systems
Fleet Management
Graphic User Interface
Head Mounted Display
Image Video Encryption
Internet of Things
Multimedia Database
360 / VR / AR
ONVIF / RTSP Protocol
Real-time Image Video Processing
Sensors Drivers
Serial Device Control
Signal Acquisition and Transmission
Video Encoding / Streaming / Decoding

Examples of Custom Development

Video Surveillance

We developed a Custom-Made VMS to record 24/7 complete spherical 360 camera designed by our team. Used and Operated in UAE Banks for more than 7 years.

Fleet Management

We built an integrated software to synchronize data between World-class VMS and Fleet Management Database.

Cameras and Sensors Vehicle Integration

Developed as a Proof of Concept, this prototype was used as a based for all vehicle integration involving sensors such as OBD2, 360/IR/Thermal Cameras, GPS, I/O].

Video Conferencing

Integration of a 360 camera consumer product into a standard video conferencing system.

Drone Styx [USV]


System capturing a complete 360 skyline on top of bridge, delivering Realtime content to a Security System and an Hemispherical Screen.

360 Video Live Capture and Streaming

Realtime Capture 360 Camera System and processing of Live Events.